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Masterworks International started life as The International School of Polarity Therapy in the 1980's and has been running trainings in Polarity Therapy ever since.  It was founded by Phil Young and Morag Campbell who remain committed to the clear and practical application of the work of the founder Dr Randolph Stone.

Both are experienced practitioners and international trainers renowned for their ability to convey the concepts, philosophy and practical application of Polarity Therapy in a clear and detailed way.

Phil july22.jpgPhil Young is a former president of the American Polarity Therapy Association and a founder member and driving force behind The International Polarity Education Alliance. He is author of several books on Polarity, most notably, Polarity Therapy where Energy Meets Structure and Function.

Morag 1.jpgMorag Campbell served on the Board of The Norwegian Polarity Therapy Institute and ran ongoing trainings in Scandinavia for 18 years. She is author of several books on aspects of Polarity Therapy.

Teachers trained by Masterworks International act as mentors and trainers in several countries.

 'For over 30 years we have been teaching Polarity with dedication and passion both as an alternative to and as an adjunct to allopathic health care.'

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1984 Opened Healing Centre in Dorset.UK

1986 Established the International School of Polarity Therapy

1990 Co-Founders of British Polarity Council which later morphed into the United Kingdom Polarity Therapy Association.

1990 Organised the first International Polarity Conference which was held in Dorset, England

1992 Morag appointed to the Board of Norwegian Institute for Polarity Therapy

1995 Established Masterworks International

Granted Honorary membership of UKPTA for services to Polarity

2003 MWI Publishing is established producing books and DVDs

2003 -2005 Phil is President of the American Polarity Therapy Association

2008 Established The Polarity Network

2010 Core members in establishing The International Polarity Education Alliance.

2013 Organised Polarity Gathering for IPEA in Dublin

2017 Published first IPEA Journal

2017 Published Holonomic Reflexology based on Polarity Therapy

2019 Published second IPEA Journal

2019 Presented at the International Council of Reflexologists Congress in Alaska 

2022 Relocation to Glastonbury UK

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