Chaos, Order and Change

new world.jpgThere are great forces constantly at work in the universe and within us. As we look at the present moment in the life of the planet it seems chaos reigns in a large part of the world. Chaos, that by its very nature is unsettling and scary as the things that we know and take for granted are somehow being peeled away from us.  

Change is of course inevitable and occurs steadily and constantly usually below our level of consciousness. After all nothing is constant, nothing is perpetually static but the energy of chaos is the instrument for big changes in our lives. Whilst we struggle against the seemingly random disorder and shocking consequences of chaos it is an integral and essential part of our growth and development. Nothing lasts forever, not even chaos and eventually out of this energy starts to emerge the energy of order, a new way of being. We can breathe again, everything is right with the world once more and we can adapt and settle into the newness.

Whilst we have all become familiar with these two great energies as they play out in the world and in our lives there is a third force that we may not recognise but is present all the same. It is the energy of Inertia which physicists describe as the resistance of any physical object to any change in its state of motion, including changes to its speed and direction.

white-water-rafting-19149447.jpg In short is 'stuckness', that rut that we find ourselves in at times without the willingness to get up and get ourselves out of. At times like this we would welcome the energy of chaos to shake us out of our depression and mundane existence for whilst it sets us up for a bumpy ride if we can but let go and go with it we know that a new  beginning awaits us, for awhile at least. 

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