Kidney Health

Not for nothing are the kidneys called vital organs. These hard working organs are vital to our health and sense of wellbeing.

Dr Stone gave us an excellent cleanse for another of our vital organs, the liver, but our kidneys too need a regular boost. The kidneys are particularly affected by mental emotional stress and poor diet.  The kidneys act as a filter system, getting rid of waste products from our body. They also play a vital part in maintaining the body’s fluid content, they produce hormones that help to regulate blood pressure and help to make red blood cells as well as activating Vitamin D to maintain healthy bones. 

At a more subtle level they are associated with discernment and our ability to make clear judgements. They also have a connection to relationships and will often play up when things are not going well with the people around us.

Checking the kidney reflex on the feet can often give us a clue as to the health of these organs although the reflex is frequently tender, excessive pain can be an indictor that your kidneys need help, as can excessive puffiness under the eyes. In Polarity it is common for us to work the kidney reflexes on the feet and ankles and connect them directly to the kidneys themselves. We would perform similar connections on anyone who is struggling with a heavy work load and high stress levels, focussing this time on the adrenal glands which sit on top of the kidneys. The session can be extremely effective and stressed out clients often are ‘zoned out’ by this treatment.

Giving our kidneys a regular cleanse is something that we can all do for ourselves however and the humble dandelion can come in helpful here. Dandelion has amazing diuretic properties, not for nothing do the French call is ‘Pis en lit’  which literally translates as  ‘wet the bed.’ It helps to flush toxins and salts out of the kidneys and the leaves are high in B vitamins, which coincidently, happen to be the anti-stress vitamins. They also contain potassium, magnesium and zinc so they are a great edition to your salad plate.



Every Polarity therapist knows about the liver flush but what about  a kidney flush. Our kidneys are working just as hard as our liver and they too could do with a boost. Lemon Barley water is an excellent choice for this, efficacious and great tasting too.

To remove some of the laxative qualities of barley, dry roast it in a large, heavy-based pan for a couple of minutes, then add water and bring to the boil. When it has reached this point, turn the heat down and allow a slow rolling simmer with the lid on for at least an hour. Strain the barley from the water and allow the liquid to cool. If the liquid is very thick, use it like a concentrate and add more water. Add freshly squeezed lemon juice and drink.


John Barleycorn

So revered was barley back in the day that in England they sang songs about this useful crop. The main reason for its popularity was its use in the making of beers, including Guinness, and whisky.

Pearl barley was also a main constituent of stews and soups such as Scotch Broth.

They didn’t know it then but Barley contains high levels of the dietary fibre beta-glucan and selenium, an antioxidant. Studies showed that a diet high in beta-glucans from barley helps lower blood LDL cholesterol and can help prevent colorectal cancer and obesity.

Unlike other grains, barley contains fibre throughout the entire kernel and not just in the outer bran layer. However, you need to eat about 3 cups a day to gain maximum effect. I wonder if the beer counts?

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