Maintaining Neutrality

maintaining neutralityYears ago a Polarity teacher told me that maintaining a neutral state was hard work, in fact nigh impossible. That sounded a pretty strong statement at the time but of course he was right.

If you find it hard to believe you only have to look at a toddler in the early stages of learning how to walk. It is like watching a drunken sailor on the rolling deck of a ship. The little person has to constantly check and readjust his balance in order to stay upright let alone walk in a reasonably straight line. So when we talk about a balanced neutral state you can see just how hard that is to attain and remain in.

As we progress from toddler (an apt name) we of course do not have to go through this constant state of readjustment although it is still taking place at a subtle level below our everyday awareness. Most of us can walk a straight line without too much trouble, what is harder to achieve as an adult is a near constant state of emotional balance in our lives. That still, neutral state, talked about by yogis and meditators everywhere, is sometimes hard to achieve and harder still to maintain. We are constantly reacting to changes in our emotional states in response to our environment and our internal thought processes. The slightest thing can, it seems, send us into a whirlwind of emotion that arises lightning fast and takes a long time to subside. Our mind and emotions are 'toddling' through life constantly trying to find that state of neutral balance that brings us peace and ease. 


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