spine painMost of the time it is pain that brings a person to seek out a practitioner. Polarity can be especially effective at helping to relieve pain. The area where a person experiences pain is seldom where the cause of the pain lies unless you are dealing with a physical injury. Pain in any area of the body has a source or reflection elsewhere so relieving pain in one place can cause a second or even third related area to suddenly become painful. Polarity Therapy practitioners recognise this phenomena and work in several places to harmonise all the related areas to achieve lasting relief.

Practitioners also recognise that physical pain often has its roots in emotions that we are unable or unwilling to express, in difficult life situations that are not effectively being dealt with, or a shock to the system. Situations such as these result in physical holding and tension that causes real pain and discomfort. As the physical holding is release during a session then hidden emotions are free to surface and be effectively expressed and the body can let go of the stress reaction brought on by shock if present. Pain therefore, can be said to be the result of resistance to the challenges that life sends us. By recognising the resistance when it appears, the first steps in releasing it and reconciling the difficulties that may be present in a person's life can begin.  

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