Polarity Yoga Exercises


What is needed is not so much aerobic exercise but initially exercises that are designed to open and gently stretch the body in various ways and in so doing  bring an increase in awareness to encourage the blood circulation and energy flow to those parts. Just stretching the body and observing where the tension and holding occurs and then working to relax those areas is only part of the answer. In order to energise the body particular attention must also be paid to the breath. With increased awareness of breathing we are able to connect with those forgotten parts of our body , renewing our acquaintance with old experiences that we have locked away and releasing them as the tissues relax. We may think of these experiences as being unpleasant and therefore there may be an initial resistance to becoming conscious of them again but in my experience the releasing of these old  events is always followed by an overwhelming sense of relief and freedom as the fear in the tissues is dissolved away. What also follows is a strengthening of our sense of self, a re-connection with our essential selves that got trapped as the body contracted in self defence. Do not forget also that good experiences can also become stored in the body tissues and access to those feelings are their own reward. Once the body has opened to reveal its treasures the accompanying relaxation of the tissues allows fresh, oxygenated blood, rich in prana, to rush into stagnant areas where it refreshes, energises and revitalises. We feel reconnected as we begin to experience our bodies in an integrated way and begin to make friends with those parts that we have neglected and lost contact with. This sense of renewal is accompanied by a cleansing of the system as old toxins are flushed out of the tissues and organs in a physical representation of the emotional cleansing that you might have experienced.

 Another way that we can encourage release is through the use of sound. Using sound as part of an exercise scissor kick from Polarity Therapyregime may seem strange to some but it can have a powerful effect on the body and psyche. By keeping our awareness on the creation of certain sounds  as we stretch and move the body we are forced also to keep our awareness on the breath. Very often during exercise or indeed any task that requires our concentration, it is very common for us, quite without realising,  to hold our breath; by making sounds we focus our attention on the out breath  and so this cannot happen. As we allow the sound to be carried to the limit of the out breath, breathing in becomes not only natural but imperative. Focusing on the out breath allows the body to relax and respond as it is harder to hold tension when we breathe out than when we breathe in or hold the breath. Just think of sighing. The making of sound also has other important attributes which can help us here. Sound is vibration and by making various sounds we are able to encourage the body tissues to vibrate in response and resonate with a particular vibration. This vibration encourages the body to let go as it is gently shaken loose by the motion. The making of sound is  fundamental to humans. We have an elaborate voice mechanism and rely,  more than any other species, on our ability to produce a myriad of sounds in order to communicate and express ourselves. By making sounds then, we not only encourage the body to open up and shake free, but we encourage our ability to express, to be recognised and to be heard.

Polarity exercises stretch, release and open up the body and combined with movement and sound are a powerful way of encouraging the return to health.


pyramid exercise from Polarity TherapyIn order for our bodies to function in an efficient and healthy way it is important that the various tissues and organs have the necessary optimum conditions and space in which to carry out their work. Generally speaking, this means having a body that is relaxed and open with good posture and muscle tone. Tension and holding of the body for whatever reason will restrict the natural blood flow, inhibit organ functioning and cause the tissues to become dehydrated and stale as the natural fluids of the body are literally squeezed out of certain areas leaving the tissue matted and hard and de-vitalised. In order to open and the expand the areas where there is restriction and tension we can utilise exercise, but not exercise in the way in which you might initial interpret that word. 

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