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The word Huna is from the Polynesian languages and in part means that which is hidden and refers specifically to knowledge of the spiritual nature of man and his place within the universe. It also means meditation.

In all cultures and in all times throughout human history, both recorded and pre-recoded, man has always had one fundamental question that arose for many people after their basic survival needs had been meet and that question was, "Is there more to life than just this?"  This fundamental question is underpinned by the deeply felt sense that there is more to life beyond survival. The quest for meaning.

This question was answered in Hawaii through the work of the Kahuna who were experts in every walk of life and who probed deeper into the funadmental meaning of existence and gave it expression it in their work and life.

Our own experience of Huna came about through a profound spiritual awakening that took place in the winter of 1984 when we were overwhelmed by a direct contact with a Hawaiian Kahuna who lived on Kaua'i circa 600AD. For this reason we call the teaching and the understanding that we recived at that time,  "Huna Mua" meaning the first or oldest form of huna, but it also alludes to the wider global aspect of what we call "the work," meaning one's work on oneself for the benefit of our own growth and to repay the debt of our existence to the creative energy of the universe. Huna is not Hawaiian, it is truly "global."

This perennial wisdom did indeed flower in a unique way in the Hawaiian Islands, yet much of that flowering is unique to the Hawaiian people and their culture. as would be true of its manifestation in Tibet or India or any other culture. What is important is the universal teaching that is applicable to all peoples everywhere thoughout the world, not its cultural manifestations and geographic modifications..

Huna Mua offers a unique, specific and detailed approach to spiritual development. Our preferred definition of Huna is that it is the pre-eminent system of natural magic existing in the world today. In terms of the Western magical philosophies it is a system of high magic because it emphasizes spiritual growth and understanding as opposed to the manipulation of events. It is used in the sense of 'power for' rather than exerting personal 'power over' the natural worlds.

We continue to use the word Huna when talking about our work to honour our own awakening but our real perspective is far greater than the shores of the Hawaiian Islands.

There are many other modern perspectives on Huna that are being taught openly but in our perception either corrupt in that they are overly influenced by cultural modifications, other Western esoteric models, or they are just too simplistic.

If you've come to this page expecting to fuel your fantasies around becoming a Kahuna then you have come to the wrong place. If you expect to be able to manipulate other people's minds, to become more attractive or beautiful, create healing miracles, spend a few days in Hawaii and become enlightened this is not the site or the teaching for you.

Plese read these two articles "Huna Today" and "Does Huna Exist" to learn more.

If you want the real thing then you have been drawn to the right place.


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In modern times with the proliferation of books and large group workshops there has been something of an information explosion surrounding Huna, but what has been lost is the traditional form in which most esoteric, spiritual and shamanic teaching was offered in ancient times. This traditional format was the master and apprentice relationship. I am committed to offering the Huna Mua teaching, as far as possible, in this its original style of presentation.

Phil Kihonua Young

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