by Morag Campbell
A true story.

When an enigmatic stranger promises to cure a young Englishman’s recurring bouts of asthma it seems too good an opportunity to miss. At the time there was no indication that in the process he would end up being possessed by a 1500 year old Hawaiian Kahuna with a mission. This true story charts an incredible psycho-spiritual opening that takes us to ancient Hawaii and the 'righting of a wrong' that sets both the Kahuna and the humans involved, free.

Reviewed by Richard Chandler, RPP

A real page-turner! I first read Morag Campbell’s 221 page book just after it was published, in 2003, and remembered it as a great read. My intention in writing this review was to skim the book, read a few parts and be good to go. The mistake I made with this strategy was to start at the beginning of the book. I was once again completely hooked! After my second ‘cover-to-cover’ reading of A Promise Kept, my excitement about the book was even higher than with the first reading of it. This book has the central ingredients of a highly entertaining read: Action, adventure, exotic locations, romance, love, steamy love scenes, esoteric knowledge and especially for us, several stories about the lives of healing practitioners of Shamanic healing and yes, Polarity Therapy.whale image from A Promise Kept by Morag Campbell

While it is written like fiction, according to the author, it is based on true experiences. The latter part of the book tells the story of the apprenticeship of a Hawaiian Shaman, or Kahuna, and his conflicted love story with a female apprentice. These characters reveal themselves as the “Spirit Companions” of our young Polarity practitioner protagonist and his reluctant lover, who are swept away by their own powerful emotions as well as lifetimes of built up passion channelled through them by the Kahuna and his lover. The paperback book also has some great illustrations by Morag, and in addition to being a great read, tells a story of real interest to Polarity and Shamanistic healing practitioners 



An amazing true account of series of spiritual awakenings that culminated in a very real connection to the island of Kauai in the Pacific. What started out as a series of weird events became a memorable journey which continues even today for those involved.

Accounts like this are an inspiration to us all and remind us that life is not always as it seems, beneath the surface there is often a deep mystery that touches us all.


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This time he placed both his hands firmly on the man’s arm. Immediately he felt it strike out and ensnare his hands. He was trapped. The creature and he were locked together in a deadly embrace. He knew then that this was the work of a powerful Kahuna, well trained in the art of ÿanäÿanä. Sorcery of this magnitude he had not encountered before. He hoped that his power was greater than his adversary’s. Right now he was locked in battle with the creature. Each time he took hold and began to pull it from the man’s body he was met with equal force pulling his hands deeper inside. Each time he increased his mana and released it down his arms and into the creature he felt a surge of strength flowing back at him. It was feeding on his mana and growing stronger. He knew that if he relaxed his concentration for a minute the creature would gain the upper hand and begin drawing more of his mana and so increasing its strength until not only the host that it inhabited would die, but Kiri’s life also would be threatened.


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