BODY MECHANICS in Health and Disease


joel E. Goldthwaite.jpgAn up to date reprint of this incredible book by doctors Goldthwait, Brown, Swaim and Kuhns. Working as an Orthopedic Surgeon back in the 1900 Dr. Joel Goldthwait pioneered the concept that many health conditions such as heart conditions, diabetes and arthritis were the result of poor body posture and mechanics. A must read for today's osteopaths, chiropractors and manual therapists.


poor body posture from Body Mechanics in health and disease by MWI PublishingThis is the third volume in the series Pioneers in Manual Therapy published by MWI Publishers. It contains a weath of medical insights into various disease states and illustrates with line drawings and xrays how poor body posture can be the underlying factor in the development of many of the disease that still afflict us today. 

It also contains a series of exercises suggested by the authors to encourage the return to good health. 


The body mechanics in sitting

ISBN: 978-0-9933465-1-4

Images: 136


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