by Morag Campbell

WHEN WE LEAVE THINGS UNFINISHED IN OUR LIVES, IT IS NOT ONLY OUR ENVIRONMENT THAT GETS MESSY. Our minds too become congested with leftover projects that rattle around in our heads impinging on our consciousness and leaving us feeling frustrated and guilty. We must learn to Feng Shui our minds and de-clutter. What we need are clear guidelines on whether we should even start a project and then how to make sure that we bring it through to a satisfactory completion. Not to do so, has implications for our health, our relationships and our destiny. Completion is the natural order of things and we owe it to ourselves as creative beings to follow this natural cycle to the very end. This book explores the pitfalls along the path to completion and gives clear examples on how to keep on track. BY GETTING INTO THE HABIT OF COMPLETING WE FREE OURSELVES TO GO ON TO GREATER THINGS.

In this guide to completion, Morag Campbell explores the process of starting a project, how we can get stuck and what prevents us from bringing the process to a successful conclusion. Full of detailed strategies as well as practical tips this book will help you to de-clutter your mind and emotions and free yourself to pursue your goals more effectively in the future.

  • Paperback: 110 pages
  • Publisher: MasterWorks International (10 Sept. 2010)
  • ISBN-13: 978-0956580306


Morag Campbell

Morag Campbell is an author, teacher, Polarity therapist and Nature mystic. Her books cover a range of topics from Hawaiian spirituality, the natural elements, a fairy story with a difference, and self help books. Her writing style is descriptive and engaging, appealing to a wide audience. She has a life long interest in all aspects of communication, believing that clear communication is at the root of all powerful relationships, both personal and transpersonal. She lives in Southern Ireland with her partner Phil Young and a tree climbing dog called 'Spike.'



This brilliant self help book does exactly what it says on the cover. All of us have projects, ideas schemes that we have started and then abandoned because we have somehow run out of steam or enthusiasm. Leaving these unfinished bits and pieces around clutters our mind as well as our environment and can lead to loss of energy and even illness. In this book we find practical answers to completing things. A must for procastinators everywhere. 

don't start what you can't finish by morag campbell

dont start what you can't finish by morag campbell

It is at the point when your energy and enthusiasm is
at its lowest that you are most likely to walk away from
your project. It is at this point that you need a good
input of energy to get you to the finishing line.

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