Would you like to ..

Improve your conduct? Is there a habit you'd like to get rid of? Experience extreme physical pleasure? Intense, ever-fresh happiness? Deep impartial calmness? Lose the feeling of insecurity? Make an end of doubt and perplexity? Lose all sense of fear, hatred, and grief? Become a prodigy in science, government, business, art or education? A genius in originality, mental grasp, or in understanding others? Would you like to develop supernormal powers? Become fully integrated? To be directly aware of things (without needing to sense them or think about them)? To realize a state of being in which there is no obstruction?

These pages tell how.

A. L. ‘Beau’ Kitselman was a remarkable man, a genius whose interests ranged from mathematics, science and computer programming to exploring the potential of the human mind. An early pioneer in Cognitive Therapy, his E-Therapy stands the test of time. This new edition has been completely re-typeset and includes an introduction by his daughter Suzette Kitselman to the life and work of this extraordinary man.


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We are delighted to be working with the Kitselman family to publish many of the books of this remarkable man. An early pioneer of cognitive, meditative therapy, he was a friend of Aldous Huxley and a contemporary of  L. Ron Hubbard.

Kitselman worked towards the idea of an integrated human, free from the restrictions of the mind and emotions and able to access higher mind.

His introduction to E-Therapy seen here on the right gives a clear indication of the promised outcomes to his work. The book is a fascinating read for the therapist and all those interested in clearing negative emotions that may be holding them back from their full potential as a realised human being.

Kitselman’s Introduction to his E-Therapy 

Would you like to

Improve your conduct?

Lose the feeling of insecurity?

End all doubt and perplexity?

Lose all sense of fear, hatred and grief?

Rid yourself of unwanted habits?

Would you like to experience

Extreme physical pleasure?

Intense, ever fresh happiness?

Deep impartial calmness?

Would you like to

Develop super normal powers?

Become fully integrated?


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