Pixie's Song


A True Story of Betrayal, Deceit & Suppression

Hazel Cooper's story begins in the late 1920s, on the wild coast of Northern Ireland where, at two and a half years of age, she was sent to live with three eccentric aunts. There follows a return to England where she is subjected to mistreatment and surrounded by mysteries.

A love of music was displayed at age two, but always discouraged. This striving for the recognition of her talent was shattered at every turn, until she fell into a complete breakdown.

Hazel's story then relates the hardships and struggles to recover and survive - and the final answers. The story, however, is not without joyous moments, and a lightness of touch is kept throughout giving the worse moments a glimpse of hope.

 Hazel Cooper lives in West Cork, Ireland where she writes and teaches music.

Please visit: www.pixies-song.com