by Celia C. Jennings

RESISTANCE is essential in the workings of our outer 3D Universe, where change is the only certainty. But in the inner world, it may also be used as a ‘Slingshot of Change,’ when you make conscious this fascinating principle and allow breakthroughs. Working against it, ‘what you Resist persists.’ Working with it, you will release more life energy.



Celia Jennings has pursued a life long journey of self discovery, beginning with the intellectual study of Osteopathy and then into the exploration of experiential spirituality, Humanistic Psychology and Rebirthing - Breathwork. She plays the fiddle, a 'flying -V' ukulele,and the 'bones'. Celia's unique take on the world is reflected in her writing. She currently lives and works as a therapist in Birkenhead, Auckland, New Zealand.


The premise of this book is that resistance is a natural force in the universe and that rather than viewing it in a negative light we can embrace it as a positive agent for change.

Celia writes with wit and humour in this charming book, covering such topics as The Way of the Mule, human rights, the Women’s Movement, alternative therapies and metaphysics and the death of the Ego. 


Resistance mwi publishing

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