A Guide to Consciousness and Change. by Phil Young and Morag Campbell. This unique guide to the huna mua teachings, the earliest known form of Hawaiian huna, is an indepth exploration of the nature of the soul, body and mind and what it means to be human.

It is a book about the active transformative power of love.



The essence of this book, its central theme if you like is that LOVE is a tangible substance, the most important effect of which is to bring you in to a deeper understanding of yourself. This depth of understanding produces a change in your being, an expansion, which in turn facilitates the fullest possible expression of your unique potentials. Indeed, it could be said that the Power of Love will enable you to fully embrace all that is implied by the term ‘Human Being’.  To be fully Human is a rare state for any man or woman to achieve.  To do so requires an intimate, sustained and clear contact with one's soul (or Higher Self ) on a daily basis.


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