Time Matters


Meditational Reflections on Fate and Destiny

It is quite possible to travel far along a spiritual path and yet still hold ideas and beliefs which have never been truly challenged. These beliefs can cloud your development and sometimes mistakenly reassure the seeker that they are certain of their viewpoint and opinions when, in actual fact, they have no place in the consciousness of the man or woman who is truly seeking a clear view of their life and the universe around them.

David Kala ka La has written Time Matters in order to challenge any commonly held and yet unsupportable beliefs concerning fate and destiny. By means of short vignettes and concise and direct reasoned arguments he hopes to awaken the reader to new insights and ideas of their own. In this way a space is made within the seeker's consciousness which allows in fresh clear thinking and stimulating ideas that can only support an individual path with far firmer foundations.


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