- an emotional journey of life, love and learning  

by Jane Seaman

We all have a story to tell and Jane has chosen to share her very personal journey so that others may find solace in reflecting on similar experiences. Mind you, there are not many of us who can say that they have served in the British Army,survived a Tsunami and had mystical experiences on the Hawaiian islands, but her story shows that even in the darkest of moments, there is always light that can lead to a lifetime of intense joy  and that, deep truth will always prevail.

jane.jpgJane Seaman is an accomplished Natural Health Practitioner with a strong spiritual connection to the Hawaiian Islands and a keen interest in Hawaiian Huna. She is also an experienced Spa Consultant, who specialises in bringing clients vision into reality. She has worked on projects both in Europe, Asia and the Middle East.

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In this autobiographical account of an intense period of mental, emotional and spiritual change in Jane’s life, we walk through the pages with her from her childhood  difficulties, to life in the armed forces , her near death experience in the Tsunami that hit the Maldives some years ago and then her journey of awakening and healing in the Hawaiian islands.



journey through the mist

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