Hand Yoga DVD


With our hands we connect, express and create. We tend to take our hands for granted that is until illness or injury means that we can no longer do the things we want to. These hand exercises are a valuable aid in the rehabilitation of the hands in cases of repetitive strain, arthritis, injury and general loss of dexterity. 

They are also particularly valuable for enhancing sensitivity and co-ordination.
"The brain is the visible part of the brain," Goethe.

Exercising the hands has a direct influence on the motor and sensory homunculus in the brain. To this end the exercises include gentle warm-ups, followed by stretching exercises for the hands and then exercises to improve co-ordination through left/right brain integration. Follow along with hand yoga exercises such as 'fingers and thumbs', 'dancing' and 'butterfly hands'.

Physical Therapists, Physio & Occupational Therapists will find these exercises invaluable for use with clients.


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