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2002 02 12
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2002 02 15
Kahuna of Light Aloha

Has anybody read the book "Kahuna of Light". I have just seen it. I Wonder if its recommended reading.



20020 2 18
Huna Healing Course - USA Beginning in March 2002 in Philadelphia
Hawaiian Huna Mua Bodywork and Healer Training consisting of 5 four day workshops

Hawaiian Huna Mua Healing Work Will Deepen Your Healing Work and Change the Way You Work... Forever. The course includes a wide range of specific bodywork and massage techniques, from simple to more complex patterns, as well as specific communication techniques and trance work. These techniques are very easy for any massage, polarity or other energy therapist to learn and incorporate into their existing work.If you're ready to add a new dimension to your work,the Huna Mua training will provide the change you're looking for. The altered perspective on healing that is an integral part of the training will change participants work even if they use none of the actual techniques.

You will gain new perspectives, new techniques and tools to work both with the physical and the energetic bodies. Participants will learn techniques that have the effect of working the mind through the body, and learn to create and use deepened states of consciousness during sessions. In addition to adding to your healing work for others, the course is a great personal growth experience!
The scope of issues and problems addressed by Huna Mua work is extensive. The deepened awareness and skills imparted through the training provide participants with the confidence to engage their healing skills in virtually any circumstance.
Workshop 1 March 14-17 2002
Workshop 2. May 16-19 2002
Workshop 3 July 18-21 2002
Workshop 4 Sept. 19-22 2002
Workshop 5 Nov. 21-24 2002

Our work will begin each day at 9am and finish at 5pm

Course Fees
The fee for the course is $2375
If you choose to pay in instalments the fee is $475 payable before the start of each workshop
We accept credit cards and personal checks
Your instructors are Phil ‘Kihonua’ Young and Morag ‘Kuoha’ Campbell who may be assisted by some of their apprentices in the work.
The aim of this training is to enhance and deepen your understanding of the spiritual and magical aspects of bodywork and healing. To reinvigorate your already existing healing practice or if new to the work to start you off in the very best possible way supported by the magic and energy of the Hawaiian Islands. The Course will be held at the New Collingswood Community Center. The building is located right next to the high-speed train which goes into Philadelphia (a 15 minute ride). There is a park one-block away for taking walks and some small restaurants within walking distance.
If you are coming from outside the area there are a number of hotel/motels within 10 minutes drive of the Center.
To register contact
John La France,Crystal Lake Body Therapy Associates,
212 Haddon Ave., Westmont, NJ 08108
Tel: 856-869-5252
Email: [email protected]

Personal checks should be made out to "Crystal Lake Body Therapy". You may also pay by credit card.

The course will be limited to 20 participants
Opening the physical body gateways, Stimulating the DNA
Bone cleansing techniques, Working with physical body trance states
Hula Kahiko and other healing movement forms utilising spiral patterns
Re-structuring the posture, Lomi Lomi massage (kamehameha style and Kapa Lele style)
Opening the soul body gateways, Stimulating the soul pattern
Perfect pattern work, Working with soul body trance states
Creating a non-verbal dialogue between the three selves, Working with planetary consciousness and energy, Invoking help from Hawaiian and non-Hawaiian deities, Healing and the immortal spirit body
Connecting with the Higher self, Life purpose and health
Healing rituals,Ho’oponopono (Hawaiian Family Therapy)
Opening the mental body gateways,Stimulating the mind pattern
Repairing the mental body, Working with mental body trance states
Creating new futures, Altering the past, Clearing the mind of old thought forms


2002 02 20
Huna on Big Island, Hawaii Hello fellow hunatics

Greetings from Big Island where we have just completed another advanced huna training, with a special emphasis on healing relationship issues that involve dead people.

We were fortunate to have Aunty Margaret Machado (kahuna lomilomi) and Aunty Mona (specialist in ho'oponopono) as guest speakers. We also visited many heiau and included a whale of a lot of fun.

Our next course here should be in November - we expect to keep the price low at $500.



2002 02 21
Hi there, read one of Max's books Growing into li Hi there everyone,

I am very new to reading about your process but please bear with me as I come up to speed.

This is really an amazing similarity here.

I have been studying a very similar process (technique) for "focusing" internal energy as we call it. I have been studying the use of energy internally for over 10 years now and this is the closest thing I have ever seen to the process we use.

The martial artists have been aware of this power and ability for many lifetimes now. It is amazing to see it manifest in a physical way as well as a spiritual way. We can use it to avoid a confrontation, heal someone, change time space events, manifest material items in ones life and when unavoidable we can strike another human harder then should be pysically possible with the touch of a hand.

We start off by realizing that all is one, in other words that everything is made of the same substance or actuallly non-substance, energy.

the two strongest, closest and purest form of energy comes from the earth and the air we breathe. By realizing (making real-Websters)that the energy is flowing through the body we can actually with a little practice get the energy to flow to the point where it can and has knocked people completley out. Myself included.

We use this energy to "purge" the entire being all etheric and physical to a point where we feel clean and our vibratory rate has risen quite high.

We then "charge" our entire body including the etheric parts with as much energy (Prana,Chi, Qi, Mana) what ever you want to call it and then we create a mind picture of the desired outcome "as if it has already happened" and we give thanks to the one after to gently push it on it's way.

Since there is no time and space we can heal from a distance and with some of the masters they can fight from a distance.

I met my teacher when he threw me 13 feet across the room 12 years ago by touching me with an open hand and no strike. He said he thought he should get my attention first. He did. I have been a student ever since.

I am interested in the similarities and the differences of this form of energy use. If anybody has any suggested reading or if any of you have any advanced knowledge regarding this process please write me.

It will be done unto you according to your belief. This is almost like it is as you believe and it is whater ever you think it is.

I forgot who said it but some wise man said "it" (Life) isn't stranger than you think it is stranger than you CAN think. I like to think it is exactly as you think. Strange enough?

God be with you all,

Tracy Bennett

P.S. We go to Hawaii quite often maybe we will see you there.


2002 03 04
Board Problem Aloha

Sionce the board was hacked a couple of days ago we are having problems getting access to most of this years posts. We are working on it. Thanks for your patience



2002 08 10
New Updated Archives Aloha

The new updated archives are now online. For ease of navigation there are four indexes (only roughly split into various years). I have removed most of the broken links and posts extraneous to Huna. In the process of looking at every page I am amazed at the sheer scope and range of the discussions. They are well worth you spending a few weeks perusing if you are seriously interested in Huna.

The link for the archives is

A Hui Hou


2002 08 28
Hawaiian Healing Institute This is an excellent training in Kona style lomilomi. Phil

<font size="4"><b>Hawaiian Healing Institute</b></font id="size4">

Optional Training Package

The following are optional course packages available to potential students:

Option One

First choice (priority 1)
Enroll for the entire course (8 weeks)
Dates: Oct. 21 - Dec. 20, 2002

Cost: $3,500 - Must be received in full by Aug. 26 ‘02
$3,900 - “ “ “ “ " " Sept. 23 ‘02
$4,300 - “ “ “ “ " " Oct. 7 ‘02
plus accommodations and food.

Course Outline
Week One - Lomilomi I
“ Two - Ho’oponopono, Herbal gathering & preparations
“ Three - Lomilomi II
“ Four - Lomi’ili’ili
“ Five - Lomilomi III
Nov. 25 - 30 - Thanksgiving break
“ Six - Hawaiian Spa Therapy
“ Seven - Hawaiian Fasting (3 days)
“ Eight - Review, clinic & talk story with the Kupunas

Option Two

Second choice (priority 2)
This program is divided into Part I & Part II.

Part I
Date: Oct. 21 - Nov. 16, 2002 (4 weeks)

Course Outline
Week One - Lomilomi I
“ Two - Ho’oponopono, Herbal gathering & preparations.
“ Three - Lomilomi II
“ Four - Lomi’ili’ili

Cost: $2,000 - Must be received in full by Aug. 26
$2,250 - “ “ “ “ " Sept. 23
$2,400 - “ “ “ “ " Oct. 7
plus room & food
Note: Part I is required prior to taking part II.

Part II
Date: Nov. 18 - Dec. 20, 2002 (4 weeks)

Course Outline
Week One - Lomilomi III
“ Two - Hawaiian Spa Therapy
“ Three - Hawaiian Fasting (3 days)
“ Four - Review, clinic, & talk story with the Kupunas

Cost: $2,000 - Must be received in full by Aug. 26
$2,250 - “ “ “ “ " Sept. 23
$2,400 - “ “ “ “ " Oct. 7
plus room & food
Note: Part I is required prior to taking part II.

Option Three

Third choice (priority 3)
This program is divided into 8 parts or 8 weeks.

Week One: Oct. 21 - 26 - Lomilomi I
" Two: Oct. 28 - Nov. 2 - Ho’oponopono, Herbal Prep.
" Three Nov. 4 - 9 - Lomilomi II
" Four Nov. 11 - 16 - Lomi’ili’ili
" Five Nov. 18 - 23 - Lomilomi III
Note: Nov. 25 - 30 - Thanksgiving break
Week Six: Dec. 2 - 7 - Hawaiian Spa Therapy
" Seven: Dec. 9 - 14 - Hawaiian Fast
" Eight: Dec. 16 - 21 - Review, clinic & Kupuna gathering

Cost: $650/week plus room & food
Note: The week or weeks that you are interested in must be available prior to your registration. We cannot guarantee space due to priority given to the other options. Also, you must qualify for the level you are interested in (i.e., lomi I before lomi II)
Enrollment is accepted from Oct. 1, 2002 until Oct. 16, 2002. If you would like to be on our stand-by list please call or email us directly. Mahalo.


Two months prior to class: 75% of full tuition returned.
One month prior to class: 45% of full tuition returned.
No refund available after school starts, however, student may apply paid tuition to future classes.
Date change constitutes cancellation and the above policy will apply.

All classes are from 9 am - 5 pm, Mon. - Thurs.
Hale Pulo’ulo’u (Hawaiian sweat lodge) are on Fridays from 8 am - noon.
Practice Saturdays on the subject of the week.

Contact: The Hawaiian Healing Institute
P. O. Box 726, Ashland, Or. 97520 * Tel. (541) 488-5879 or (541)301-2896 cell [email protected]


2002 08 31
Update to site The Huna pages at have been updated, and more resources and articles are available.



2002 09 06
Masterworks Newsletter Aloha

We are now producing a MasterWorks newsletter so you can keep in touch with whats happening behind the scenes[:D]. Its in an ebook format and comes out every two months. Issue 1 is available now. Issue 2 ready in 2 weeks.

To subscribe go to



2002 12 02

Newish Huna Book

My the board is quiet! Nice to browse those 4 years of archives though. Does any know this book? Nurturing Our Inner Selves, a Huna Approach to Wholeness by Arlyn J. MacDonald I just found it on a search for Huna titles at Kumu


2002 12 02

Hawaiian Healing School - 2003

Hawaiian Healing School - 2003 Schedule Date: May 19 - June 14, 2003 Location: Possibly Kauai Subjects: Lomi I, II, III & Lomi'ili'ili Tuition: $2,500 if paid in full by March 24, 2003. A $500 non-refundable deposit is required to hold your space. *Discount available, see below.

Weekly Summary Monday through Thursday: 9 - 5 - Classes Friday: 8 a.m. - Hale Pulo'ulo'u (Hawaiian sweat house) Saturday: 9 - noon - Clinic Sunday: OFF Subject Discription Lomi I: Based on concepts of working with the body, mind and spirit lomilomi is a hands-on healing that is deep and powerful, yet gentle, giving immediate and long-term results. Lomilomi symbolically means “to communicate energetically deep within the bones of the individual thus the soul of the person.”

Lomi II: Specific advanced techniques to help advance pathologies. Three main protocols covered to help better understand individual’s complaint.

Lomi’ili’ili: Hawaiian hot stone therapy that is specific to the patient’s needs. Each student will learn how to collect stones using proper protocols, how to heat the stones and control the temperature, and how to clean the stones.

Lomi III: Joint mobilization and clinical efficiency. Students will learn how to use the bones and joints to affect the plasticity of soft tissue to further enhance the desired outcome of various pathologies. Bones are used only as levers to release hard-to-access deep layer muscles to increase therapeutic efficiency and provide patients with added long term relief. Massage therapists can now safely address all soft tissues, including ligaments, discs, fascia, joint capsules and nerve dura responsible for much of the pain believed to be solely from muscles.

*Discounts $2,000 ($500 discount) if paid in full by December 22, 2002 (we have one slot left at this rate). Late Payment $3,000 if paid in full after March 24, 2003 Please contact me if you have any questions. The Maui Workshop series' schedule will be coming out soon. Mahalo. Maka'ala Maka'ala Yates" <[email protected]> [url][/url]


20021 2 27

Seasons Greetings and News Update

Aloha everyone A very quiet year on the board. It seems people are put off posting by having to register. Lets hope 2003 marks an upsurge in posts. However, the archives of old articles are heavily viewed. I myself will be more active with posts this year. Also from the spring of this year new Huna articles will no longer be posted on the website and will only be available to subscribers to our Newsletter. Mahalo Phil


2002 12 27

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