Osteopathic Functional Technique


A cohesive multi-layered approach to restoring ease and comfort in the body

All clinical examinations whether done by a physiotherapist, osteopath, or massage therapist usually include some form of range of motion test. These tests look at the body's ability to move in 3-dimensional space i.e. can the client bend forward/backward, twist left/right, side bend left/right and can they shift left/right, forward/back and up/down. Normally, the various range of motion tests simply establish a baseline against which to evaluate therapeutic progress. What was realised by American osteopaths in the mid to late 1950s was that these test themselves, when used in a unique way, constitute an actual treatment methodology which has become known as "osteopathic functional technique," this gentle indirect technique works by finding and then combining the point of maximum ease in each of the 6 different ranges of motion that are available to the human body.

In essence the technique is concerned with creating a deep and profound sense of ease and comfort in the clients body. Functional technique is invaluable in acute and hyper acute cases where there is significant inflammation and where general manipulation is contra-indicated and the method can also succeed in chronic cases where other approaches have failed. You will learn to apply both  "balance and hold" and "dynamic" methods. A study of functional technique will increase your palpation skills and abilities as well as enhance your therapeutic repertoire.  

2 Day Masterclass