The Power of Rajas

The POWER OF RAJAS – An Exploration of Harmonic Technique

The body is not only designed to move it actually enjoys moving. When we are tense or stressed the body tightens, restricting its natural movement capabilities and inherent rhythm. As a result we feel ill at ease.

A Rajasic session is designed to move the body at its natural frequencies to unlock tension and holding patterns in the muscles and to stimulate the flow of Prana or life energy. 

So often when people experience chronic pain in a part of their body they immobilize that part of the body as a defense. As a result complex layers of immobility are set up with accompanying anxiety. The mind is afraid of movement and the body has, in a sense, ‘forgotten’ how to move. Reminding the body of its movement capabilities is essential to healing. Not only does rhythmic movement increase mobility, it encourages the release of tension and holding to encourage better circulation, thus enabling the body to carry away held toxins into the area so any inhibition of the healing process is cleared.

This workshop introduces sophisticated modes of harmonic technique on the body. The use of tension and compression coupled with oscillatory body movement is explored in depth and these tools are then used therapeutically on various body parts. You will learn how to induce different levels of harmonic vibration and movement through the body in order to re-establish its natural frequencies and ease, as well as profoundly influencing the centrifugal energy flows. Drawing on the work of the founder of Polarity Therapy Dr Randolph Stone DO ND as well as that of Dr Robert Fulford DO and Eyal Ledermann DO, the work includes an extensive exploration of the concepts of tension and compression adapted from the tensegrity concepts of scientist and philosopher R. Buckminster Fuller

“Consciousness is only possible through change;  change is only possible through movement.” 

 Aldous Huxley, The Art of Seeing


2 Day Masterclass