Transpersonal Bodywork

Touching the Soul

Pele.pngThis workshop offers a unique and pragmatic way of working that involves using the hands, not as tools to manipulate the body but rather, through the lightest of touch, as an anchor point of connection between therapist and client on their inner journey.


In our days together we will open up the gateways of  communication to our inner self  through touch to re-establish that divine connection and enable us to listen to the still, quiet voice of the soul that so often is crowded out in our hectic life styles. We will also work to clear past experiences and  ancestral imprinting that may be holding us back in this life.

This gift from the past represents a unique opportunity for our time.

Your workshop leader on this inner journey is Phil Young.

Phil was initiated into the ancient Huna Mua tradition in 1985. A series of profound and life shattering events resulted in an intense spiritual awaking that led him on a journey to the islands of Hawaii and New Zealand. The energy and soul of the islands facilitated an opening to a deep, hitherto unconscious opening to spirit and connection to the land.  Phil has been moved to share this work at pivotal times  since then. With the planet and all life facing a crisis point there is no more important  time  to do so than now.

3 days