2015 Polarity Training

Polarity therapy training in Cork Ireland

fire and airPolarity Therapy - Bringing About Wellness

 Polarity Therapy Training 2015         

       BEGINS 10th/11th OCTOBER - CORK

Learn how to heal with Chakra Energy and the Natural Elements


This 10 workshop course offers practical ways to work with the body's bio energy system as well as being a journey of self discovery 


You Will Learn

golden_caduceus.jpgOCTOBER 10/11 2015 WORKSHOP 1 UNIVERSAL PRINCIPLES OF POLARITYDiscover how Energy sustains and informs the whole body, how we get energy and lose it. and how it is possible to sense it in ourselves and others..You will discover how we can utilise different modes of touch to create different responses in the energy fields and how to recognise how and where the energy gets congested or depleted and how to free it as well as exploring Polarity's Hermetic roots.. 

ChakraDiagram.jpgNOVEMBER 14/15 2015 WORKSHOP 2 CHAKRAS Learn about these MAJOR ENERGY CENTRES of the body and the role of these subtle energies in our body and mind.. Discover how these centres influence our mind and body and how to stimulate and balance the chakra system to help with emotional healing and improve organ function.

DECEMBER 12/13 2015 WORKSHOP 3 THE 5 ELEMENTS - a naturalistic approach to life. The elements of Ether, Air, Fire, Water and Earth are the alchemical building blocks of life. We begin the journey of how these elements manifest in our lives and learn bodywork sessions related to each. This weekend focuses on the little known Ether Element .

air elementJANUARY 9/10 2016 WORKSHOP 4 THE AIR ELEMENTLively Air governs movement and the intake of prana through the breath and can be the trickster that leads us astray. The astrological signs of Gemini, Libra and Aquarius are ruled by Air and play their part in our communication patterns, movement difficulties and our thinking.

fire elementFEBRUARY 13/14 2016 WORKSHOP 5 THE FIRE ELEMENTPassionate fire is responsible for maintaining body temperature, digestion and consciousness. The fire energy rules the Astrological signs of Aries, Leo and Sagittarius. Discover how this element can          be difficult to handle and how we can utilise it to enforce boundaries.

water elementMARCH 12/13 2016 WORKSHOP 6 THE WATER ELEMENTFluidity, cleansing, creativity and the unconscious are in the realm of this element. Astrological signs of Cancer,Scorpio and Pisces. Emotional water brings its own challenges and gifts

earth elementAPRIL 9/10 2016 WORKSHOP 7 THE EARTH ELEMENT - The final crystallisation of the energy as it manifests physically, Earth rules Absorption, Elimination and Completion. Astrological signs of Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn. Steady, dependable Earth as with all the elements can create havoc if we have too little or two much in our energetic makeup.

6 pointed star.jpgMAY 14/15 2106 WORKSHOP 8 POLARITY REFLEXOLOGYA whole body approach including correspondences and resonance patterns that can guide us to the root cause of ailments


muscle skeleton JUNE 11/12 2016 WORKSHOP 9 THE NERVOUS SYSTEMModern day stresses of living puts a strain on our nervous system and we can find our bodies literally buckling under the strain leading to pain and movement difficulties and a variety of ailments. Dialoguing with the energy of the nervous system can alleviate much of the problem.

JULY 9/10 2016 WORKSHOP 10 COMPLETIONFind out why it is is crucial to our health and wellbeing that we recognise the power of completion in our lives. 

The Course fee is 1400 euros.


The course fee includes the following books HEALING WITH LIFE ENERGY by Seigel and Young, QUINTA ESSENTIA and DON'T START WHAT YOU CAN'T FINISH both by Morag Campbell. 

This course in Polarity Energy Principles is open to all and can be taken to introduce an energy modality to any natural health care practice or for personal development.

On completion of the course participants may register with the International Polarity Education Alliance as Energy Principles Practitioners to acknowledge their education in Polarity Principles. www.polarityeducation.org


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 BEGINS 10th/ 11th October

Each of us has an innate healing capacity in our hands. Polarity is one of the best hands on healing therapies. It combines freeing tension and holding in the body with a sensitivity to the vital life energy called chi or prana to enhance natural healing making it the most well rounded and effective treatments available today

Your facilitator is Morag Campbell International Polarity Therapy Educator and Author

morag campbell polarity therapist and educator

The Course fee is 1400 euros. A deposit of 200 euros is payable with booking to secure your place. Instalment plan available by monthly standing order or Paypal.

The course fee includes the following books

Polarity Therapy book by  Alan Siegel and Phil Youngquinta essentia the five elements

Don't Start What You Can't Finish the book of completion