Holonomic Reflexology

An Integrated Whole Body System from Polarity Therapy

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Holonomic Reflexology goes beyond the standard idea of foot and hand reflexes into the realm of a whole body of correspondences set up through sacred geometry, astrological influences and the doctrine of signatures, all sustained by energetic vibration. Holonomic Reflexology provides a new perspective on the many reflex maps in Polarity Therapy offering a true "Sacred Cartography" of the human body.

 Holonomic Reflexology involves working with conscious touch to connect a rich complex of reflexes that can unlock deep holding in the mind and body enabling the restoration of health.

 Currently (2018) most therapeutic bodywork is still based upon old mechanical models of a ‘Clockwork Universe.’ A universe which is both materialistic and reductionist, where most interactions are linear cause and effect and in which the homogeneity principle, where output is proportional to input is dominant. Holonomic Reflexology is different in that it is rooted in the understanding that the universe is a vast network of inter-related systems and embraces the latest understandings in the science of complex adaptive systems

 Most modern therapies fully embrace the interconnectedness of mind and body, Holonomic Reflexology goes further, utilising sacred geometry to facilitate human evolution. 

Module 1

Explores the concept of energy, consciousness and awareness and the 9 zone front full in colour small.pngsignificance of three dimensional perception as well as the key concepts of proportionality, translation, reflection and correspondence.

Working to establish the framework of a Holonomic session, pulsing energy between two points to establish rhythm and harmony (coherence and standing waves) and how to work with three dimensional conscious touch as well as working with the Constitution and Holonomic Foot reflexology sessions.

 Module 2

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A look in detail at the Cartographic maps of the human body and how to work specific reflexes using the concept of the ‘listening hand’.

The path of the evolutionary journey and how this can be advanced through the understanding and practical application of the workings of the 5 and 6 pointed stars.



Module 1

Basel, Switzerland

APRIL 13-15th 2018

Module 2

May 11-13th 2018 

2019 dates T.B.A.

Courses in English with German transaltion


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