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Together we are Masterworks International

Individually we are Phil Young and Morag Campbell

Masterworks International started out in 1984 as a small school in Dorset, England running residential trainings in Polarity Therapy. Like Topsy, it has just kept growing from there and has run trainings around the globe. Masterworks has helped to establish trainings in the UK, Scandinavia, Austria and South Africa as well giving guest presentations and running conference workshops in the UK, Switzerland and the USA. Masterworks has branched out in others ways too and in 2008 was the energy behind the establishment of The Polarity Network, an online resource for Polarity people everywhere. In 2010 this was followed by the setting up of the International Polarity Education Alliance, which as the name implies, is an Alliance of Polarity Educators, practitioners and students around the world. The Alliance provides a register of Polarity Professionals and Energy workers who include polarity principles in their work. MWI Publishing is another arm of Masterworks which co-publishes books on esoteric subjects and as if all that were not enough, produces educational dvds on such topics as chi kung, bodywork and Hawaiian Huna.

So, we at Masterworks, like to live what we teach. If you don't believe that working with the life energy improves your vitality, increases your creativity and boosts your stamina, just read all of the above again.


My initial training in Polarity was with Alan Siegel in San Francisco. Blessed with a near photographic memory, an insatiable thirst for knowledge plus a gift for healing, I had soon immersed myself in the works of Dr Stone. Though I have never thought of myself as a purist, over the years that I have practiced and taught Polarity I have remained true to Stone's work and it is probably why I feel so strongly about preserving Polarity as he presented it, and glad to research and collect what I can about the man and his work which I have gathered together and is now available online at The International Polarity Education Alliance.


From 2003 to 2005 I was President of the American Polarity Therapy Association: an arduous task as I had to travel regularly from my home in England to the USA. It was not without its benefits though, copious air miles being one of them.

Polarity has been a incredible journey, the Hawaiian Huna work that I do is another amazing gift and in the spirit of creativity and movement (energy has to move and do work!) the journey continues with the teaching and the production books and dvds through MWI Publishing.

Polarity has been a way of life for Morag and I since it grabbed us nearly 30 years ago. We value the work, hold none of it back when we teach and bring a wealth of knowledge and understanding born of real experience to the classroom.



My initial training was with Phil Young and Alan Siegel in 1986. Since then I have worked in private practice and taught Polarity in various places around the world. For 18 years I was on the faculty of the Norwegian Polarity Therapy Institute in Oslo where I co-facilitated trainings around Norway and Sweden. I am author of several books on aspects of Polarity, Spirituality and self help books based on the principles inherent in the Polarity philosophy of life.

In both my teaching and my one on one work I strive to bring clarity and understanding and provide strategies for self healing and personal development. 

My special interests are in communication in all its forms and the natural elements and how they continue to influence every aspect of our lives, something that plays an important part in the practice of Polarity. 



Masterworks Store front



 With our teacher Alan Siegel in Boston


 Over time Phil developed a laid back teaching style


And pretty soon Morag had all this teaching in the bag too


1986 Established the International School of Polarity Therapy

1990 Co-Founders of British Polarity Council which later morphed into the United Kingdom Polarity Therapy Association.

1990 Organised the first International Polarity Conference which was held in Dorset, England

1992 Morag appointed to the Board of Norwegian Institute for Polarity Therapy

1995 Established Masterworks International

Granted Honorary membership of UKPTA for services to Polarity

2003 MWI Publishing is established producing books and DVDs

2003 -2005 Phil is President of the American Polarity Therapy Association

2008 Established The Polarity Network

2010 Core members in establishing The International Polarity Education Alliance.

2013 MWI Publishing expands to include novels and children's books under the imprint SHIVELIGHT PRESS


Still going after 30 years

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