Course Overview

                                                                                                                      Everything is energy    

The philosophy behind Polarity Therapy is simple,    

'Everything is Energy.'

                                        This simple statement belies the incredible magnificence of the Human energy field with its different frequencies and myriad of unique interactions.   

Polarity Therapy explains the deeper significance of the caduceus symbol, how the ancient Hermetic principles are still relevant today and how the three universal principles of motion apply to the human energy field.  Polarity Therapy explains how to bring the subtle and the esoteric to life through practical hands on techniques that really work

You will discover

     Polarity Therapy Energy Theory * 

Working with different modes of touch to interact with the energy centres and fields *

How to recognise where energy frequently gets restricted in the body and why *

How to remove these restrictions and increase the energy flow to encourage the body's natural healing *

Specific Bodywork sessions including how to influence the energy of the 5 pointed star pattern *


5 element discs.png

A Naturalistic Viewpoint on Health

The five elements of ether, air, fire, water and earth have been called the building blocks of life. Easy to recognise in Nature they have their counterparts deep within us.

Recognise the interplay of the elements within each of us and how they affect us at every level of our being. Working with the elements is alchemy at play, both enlightening and transforming. It establishes our primal connection to the world around us and the greater energy field, which is so vital to our wellbeing.

Nutrition plays an important part in our health. Our food can be our medicine. Learn about food for health building and maintenance. Simple cleansing routines and how to manage them in clients.



Communication is a vital component to all that we do.  We will look at the many ways in which we communicate and how we can communicate better. Learn to recognise each how each of the elemental energies that go to make us seeks expression through the tonality of the voice, body posture and personality.

Learn to identify each element and how knowing the effects of each element can both enhance and disturb the way we communicate. Voice tonality is everything. Explore how every element has its own unique tonality and way of communicating.



The Energy of the Nervous System

The nervous system has a unique energy of its own, different from the subtle energy of the chakras but just as vital. Knowing how to influence this energy is an important aspect of the return to health and wellbeing in an increasingly stressful world.

Polarity Therapy has techniques for directly influencing the action of the nervous system with remarkable results.

Structural Balancing

Working with the structural alignment of the body to solve pain and movement difficulties. The skeleton is the final crystalisation of the energy fields. The living matrix of the bones holds the key to our individuality, how we present ourselves to the world and how we deal with Life's stresses and strains are all there in the structure, plain to see.

How to influence the energy of the nervous system

How the nervous system controls muscle function, pain and organ function

How to read the structural alignment of the body in relation to gravity

How to correct structural imbalances that can lead to such health problems as back, neck and pelvic pain



 * YOU WILL DISCOVER the delights of the life energy and how to influence it, how to help with conditions such as back pain, digestive disorders, movement difficulties and emotional problems.

* YOU WILL UNDERSTAND how life style and diet can influence health

* YOU WILL EXPERIENCE how Polarity Therapy bodywork can influence not just the physical body but the mind and emotions as well. Polarity Therapy is a truly integrated bodywork system which is easy on the practitioner’s body and incredibly therapeutic for the client.

 Already a Polarity practitioner but trained years ago and want a refresher course? Our Polarity Bodywork Set is an excellent, easy way to do just that!