Open Learning Lesson Sample

Opening learning Lesson Sample

This session is taken from Works Study Guide, Bodywork Demonstration DVD 1 and the book Polarity Therapy- Healing with the Life Energy.


STEP 1. Watch the session on Polarity Bodywork Demonstration DVD 1
(you can watch the demonstration here as streaming video in the side bar opposite PLEASE HAVE YOUR SPEAKERS ON)

Video duration is 4mins 47 seconds. This is an 8Mb file, please give it time to load. Particularly at times of heavy internet traffic. You can watch it FULL SCREEN.

STEP 2. Read balancing sensory, emotional and respiratory currents from Siegel Page 60 (see below) and watch DVD again

This session helps to relieve mental, emotional and nervous tension and is probably the most calming and relaxing one in the book. The technique balances the chakras as well as the para-sympathetic nervous system and is a good release for the diaphragm.

It uses sensory contacts (a very light touch) on the back on the body, the motor area, to induce a profound polarity balance and deep relaxation. The contacts influence all of the five bi-lateral current lines. The contact points are along the top line of the shoulders, which is the positive pole of the diaphragm, the air astrological triad and the para-sympathetic nervous system reflex area and the lower contact is along the lower line of the buttocks, which is the negative pole of the diaphragm as well as being lateral para-sympathetic nerve reflex areas, on the same line as the perineal floor. This treatment can be made more effective by encouraging the client to breathe deeply during the session to facilitate the release of deeply held emotional energy.

Client is on her front.
1.Stand at her left side.
2.Points of contact are on the top of the shoulders and on the bottom line of the
3.Contacts are done simultaneously and are non-stimulating. The shoulder contact is with either your air or water finger of your left hand (negative contact). (Fig 31) The buttock contact is with your right fire finger (positive contact). The contact points are marked with x’s (Fig. 32).
4.Place your left air finger on the edge of the left shoulder. With your right fire finger, contact the left buttock line so that it is approximately in line with the shoulder contact.
5. Move your fingers away from you inch by inch until you reach the edge of the right shoulder and right buttock. Hold each contact until you feel energy flow.


(fig 31)


(Fig. 32).

6.Then make diagonal contacts. Place your left air finger on the edge of the right shoulder. With your right fire finger, contact the edge of the left buttock line.
7.Move your contacts inch by inch in opposite directions. Your left hand moves back towards you as your lower right hand move away from you.
8.Cover client with a sheet or blanket and let her relax for several minutes or more. Many clients are asleep at this point.

The following are points to remember:

a.Your fingers do not touch one another.
b.The contacts are made as lightly as possible.
c.Have client breathe deeply but in a relaxed way during the treatment. This helps distribute life energy through the breath to the entire body.

STEP 3. Practice the session on a partner

STEP 4. Check questions

(you would normally write the answers in your hard copy study guide or in MS Word doc version of same)

you can answer these questions now and click submit and we will reply with comments on your responses as required..

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