I offer POLARITY sessions to alleviate pain and discomfort, improve movement and bring a sense of calm and wellbeing back into your life.

I work with a range of conditions including back, neck and shoulder pain, digestive disorders, headaches and depression

A polarity session releases tension and pain whilst stimulating the body's innate energy systems to encourage natural healing. 

It is performed through clothing and includes a range of modes of touch, gentle rocking of the body and the stimulation of whole body reflex areas.

1 hour sessions are available In Glastonbury, Somerset, UK

Session Fee is £75



I also offer personal therapy intensives in Glastonbury to help you to get your life back on track. So if your body hurts, or your emotions are all over the place, if life is getting you down and you can't see a way forward, then this intensive format, where I bring all my skills and experience to bear will guarantee to get you up and running again. You will receive at least 2 bodywork sessions per day, help in understanding what may be holding you back from accomplishing what you want to achieve and practical strategies to enable you to succeed. Call today to book your intensive now. Fee is £275 per day. A 2 day process is ideal for serious life and health issues.

The intensive is held in Glastonbury, Somerset, UK. Glastonbury has extensive accomodations at all price ranges. Nearest train station is Castle Cary. 

Availability: Your personal intensive can be during the week or over the weekend and dates are by mutual agreement. Call +44 (0)776 104 6429 to discuss availability.