by David Kala Ka La

A troubled man is found broken and unconscious at the foot of a steep cliff by a band of monks who transport him to their home in a remote monastic community that has grown up around the statue of the female saint Anaskwa. The statue emanates a peculiar potency and has a magical ability to bring everyone who gazes into the depths of her eyes, the realisation of the beauty inherent in every living thing and indeed the recognition of their own soul.

Rescued from the depths of despair and drawn into the spiritual life of the monastery this young man finds that the monks, and the town people that they introduce him to, begin to answer many questions for him and after experiencing many challenges and personal loss and confronting his own dark night of the soul he begins to find clarity and vision bringing him closer to a more enlightened perspective on essence of life itself.

'The Eyes of Anaskwa is a highly unusual story, fundamentally spiritual in nature, filled with reflections and observations on the ways of those on the path – whether they know it or not – and some of the ways of the earth and the universe in which we live. With echoes of Herman Hesse and Carlos Castaneda this is a mythic tale of reality told by a master story teller with quotes from ancient spiritual books that serve to both intrigue and illustrate the teachings within its pages.

496 pages

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