HIDING IN CLEAR SIGHT - poetic musings



By Morag Campbell


A hardback book of poems and poetic musings on the natural world and observations on life. Sometimes poignant, sometimes whimsical.


After twenty years it had lost its charm to me.
Grown too tall and leggy for the accepted norm.
In one righteous and heroic act I set it free
Prising it from its low and shallow pot.
I placed it in more spacious earth and felt well pleased

And yet, this late summer day
it has grown no more than before.
A diminished form, bereft of true potential
Were all those years constrained, too much?
And knowing no difference, will it remain, like us,
Restrained in its old remembered habit.


Time slips by un-noticed
And, like a thief in the night,
Steals the daylight hours and
Pockets them for later


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