INITIS - Congestion of the Connective Tissues



 - Congestion of the Connective Tissues

This is a reprint of the 1916 book by Andreas Rabagliati of his book INITIS. Nutrition and Exercises.

The book is a delightful mix of the scientific and the esoteric, containing his unique viewpoints on the body and its many ailments. Rabagliati was of the opinion that many of the conditions that afflicted his patients had come about by a congestion of the body’s connective tissue and could be alleviated by changes in diet coupled with simple self-exercises involving massage and movement.  

His work is as valuable today as it was at the beginning of the 1900’s. Indeed we are now seeing the results of overeating in a population that is increasing beset with health conditions such as heart disease, diabetes and arthritis.

It is time once again to look at the probable causes of these conditions and take more than a leaf from Dr. Rabagliati’s book which is produced here in its original form with original photographs of his self-help exercises.




Rabagliati’s book is a delightful combination of self help manipulations, scientific facts about the role of the connective tissues in disease states and esoteric wisdom.

A prominent Scottish surgeon he ran the gauntlet of his colleagues by suggesting that most of the illnesses that beset his patients could be cured by the judicious use of diet, fasting and manual release of congestion in the tissues and not by surgery.

His observations and results are a testament to his methods . Ahead of his time, this volume will be of interest to all manual therapists and his writing style will enthral .


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