The Polarity of Life and Death by Tony Caves

Conditioned by society to live and die in a dream world of our own making, author Tony Caves offers a pathway to a state of dynamic ease and alertness. Using simple techniques, drawn from his lifelong interests in practical philosophy, meditation and martial arts, the book is a rich tapestry of esoteric teachings. To learn more VISIT www.mindessence.info

tony.jpgTony Caves is a freelance teacher, trainer and therapist specializing in mental wellness. He has spent many years working with those designated ‘mentally ill’, their carers and their families. He has also spent many years teaching, lecturing and training on a variety of topics. Tony has a lifelong interest in the application of practical philosophy and practices such as meditation and martial arts and their application to human wellness. He relocated to Australia in 2009.



This work is the result of a sixty year quest to discover who we are and why we are here. What I discovered is that human potential is limitless! Our physicality is only the very small tip of a vast iceberg. However, we constantly limit ourselves through our failure to relax into the moment and that we are constantly limited by societal conditioning and programming.

Mindessence is our natural state that stretches into the non-linear, non-dual and non-physical that has always existed like a clear blue sky above the storm clouds of perplexity


standing meditation

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