The Polarity of Mental Wellbeing and Mental Disorder Beyond the Medical Approach by Tony Caves

Discover the secrets of Qi-sense and empower yourself. That is the message of this book. When you live in the present, stress and difficulty are things of the past.

tony.jpgTony Caves is a freelance teacher, trainer and therapist specializing in mental wellness. He has spent many years working with those designated ‘mentally ill’, their carers and their families. He has also spent many years teaching, lecturing and training on a variety of topics. Tony has a lifelong interest in the application of practical philosophy and practices such as meditation and martial arts and their application to human wellness. He relocated to Australia in 2009.


This book had its beginning in a very pertinent question asked many years ago by a training course participant who was an unqualified care assistant in a ‘home for mentally disordered people. She said ‘ OK the doctor has been and prescribed the pills or injection and has now gone. 

What can we on the sharp end of the caring process do now – bearing in mind that the person now has the side effects of the drugs to cope with as well as the symptoms. This whole work is an attempt to answer that question.



Within the white clouds

no white clouds are seen.


Within the flowing water

no flowing water is heard.


Hakudo Nakayama



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