This extraordinary boxed set of 30 hours of life changing in depth instruction in the ancient philosophy of Hawaiian huna is a must have for any sincere student of life.

1. Reality.  2. The Three Selves.  3. Consciousness.
In these s the underlying conception of reality upon which the training is based is explained in detail. It also defines the word 'consciousness' in a very specific way that is other than its normal usage in the English language. It looks in detail at the structure of the human personality or as it is called in Huna 'the three selves'. This series is a very full introduction to all the concepts that are utilised throughout the training including an exploration of what is meant by 'spirit'.

4. The Nature of the Soul.  5. Mana - Feelings.  6. The Three Paths/ Integration - Initiation.
In this series the fundamental nature of the soul body is explored from the substance of its construction to its shape. Techniques for becoming aware of the soul body are also covered. A person's basic orientation to life, the path that they follow is also examined. The concept of initiation is looked at in depth.

7. The Structure of the Body.  8. The Function of the Body.  9. Healing.
In these s the nature of the human physical body is studied, particularly in relation to  its movement capabilities, its construction and most importantly your felt sense or awareness of it down to the bone level. The concept of healing and a precise definition of it in terms of the full spectrum of possible meanings is explored. Unique fundamental healing techniques relating to the soul and physical bodies are also shared.

10. The Mind.  11. The Emotions.  12. Changing Your Mind.
This series explores the nature of the mental body and ego, or mind self. The structure of what are called thought forms and their relationship to the emotions and a persons beliefs about life are discussed. Ways of facilitating change in mental - emotional attitudes and make up are also examined.

Series 5. THE POWERS
 13. Channelling.  14. Clairvoyance.  15. Precognition.
These s concern what have sometimes been referred to as the latent powers of a human being. These powers or abilities referred to are Channelling, often called Telepathy, which is direct being to being contact that occurs outside of the communication channels of the five ordinary senses, Clairvoyance, the ability to perceive action at a distance, and Precognition, the ability to perceive the flow or pattern of events likely to occur in the future. All these skills are the natural birthright of any properly educated human being.

Series 6. MAGIC
16. Changing the World.  17. Magical Tools.  18. Miracles.
The title of this final series is 'Magic' nor should the usage of this particular term surprise you as in this context magic refers both to the awesome mystery that is life itself as well as the ability to create the world in which you want to live. Magic is the ability to create changes in your inner and outer life in conformity with your will, changes at such a level and to such a degree that they could only be called miraculous.