T'ai Chi Ch'uan Classes






We offer workshops in Tai Chi Ruler. A great addition to your Tai Chi or Chi Kung class



As we relocate to Glastonbury in the UK there are no current classes

Tai Chi can be practised for health as it promotes relaxation, increased blood circulation and good posture as well as a martial art.

Students will learn a number of different forms of Chi Kung, which are short series of gentle exercises, performed with focused breathing and attention as well as the Cheng Man Ching style T’ai Chi form as the series of postures is called. There will also be an opportunity to work with a partner and learn two person work.

The class caters for the absolute beginner as well as the more advanced student and for advanced students there is the opportunity to extend your T’ai Chi skills into weapons practice. There are also explorations of the other two internal martial arts Hsing I Ch'uan and Pa Kua Chang as well as Yang and Sun Style T'ai Chi. Please wear loose and comfortable clothing to the class. The classes are suitable for people of all ages and abilities.

"May the joy that is everlasting gather in this hall...the joy of continuous growth...Let us here correct our past mistakes and lose preoccupation with self. With the constancy of the planets in their courses or the dragon in his cloud-wrapped path, let us enter the land of health and ever walk within its bounds." Cheng Man Ching