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Long lived. Some trees can live for thousands of years. Yew signifies Regeneration.


In Viking mythology the Ash is Yggdrasil – the World Tree. It has Protective and Healing properties.


Sacred to the Greek god Zeus the Beech is seen as a symbol of prosperity


Associated with the Earth Goddess, the Elm is said to be the abode of the faeries. Good for stability and grounding


Signifies perpetual renewal and is seen as dispensing immortality                                                               


Signifies new beginnings and rebirth. The wood is said to be grounding, enabling one to become more centered.


Known as the 'sweetest of woods' it has medicinal properties and is known for alleviating feelings of guilt. 

We offer workshops in all aspects of Tai Chi Ruler

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T'ai Chi Ruler DVD

A unique and powerful form of Chinese Chi Kung. We teach this form in our T'ai Chi Chuan classes and now you can learn it at home by purchasing our 45 minute DVD. £18.95/ $29.95 buy-now-2368587_1280.png

An online version this DVD for viewing on tablets, smartphones and computers can be purchased or rented on  the link below


Below are some sample clips from the DVD. Please have your speakers on.


To accompany the dvd we offer a range of lightly waxed, hand turned rulers made from different Irish woods.

 Note:We have these specially made and cannot guarantee that the wood you choose will always be available. Each piece is unique. 

Review 1 Great video from Phil Young and Masterworks International. The exercises are clearly explained and demonstrated, so it takes little time to get right into it and start your daily dose of mental and spiritual tranquility! ...... Buy it, watch it, practice, and feel the stress just flow away!

Review 2 This is a GREAT DVD! The DVD is beautifully produced, set outdoors by a small river, and truly a pleasure to watch. The T'ai Chi Ruler set consists of 6 very simple exercises, includes variations and increasing levels of difficulty, and can be done with or without the "ruler."

I was surprised at how quickly I felt the energy from this practice, and easily believe Masterworks' claim that it will be particularly useful for energy healers, as well as those looking for an easy-but-effective practice to improve their overall health.....

Review 3. I've been doing tai chi ruler as taught in this DVD every day for 18 months now. It is a truly amazing practice that continues to grow my energy field, little by little, day by day. I have tried a number of daily chi gung practices over the years, and this one rates far above the rest in ease, effectiveness, and palpable energy cultivation. Tao Bums

Review 4. Just wanted to say that I did receive both the DVD and the Ruler.  In the short time that I've been using them, I've already begun to feel benefits.  Thanks for making these tools available! Al -Roxbury

Review 5I have had your Tai Chi Ruler DVD (which is stunningly beautiful, by the way) for several years, but I decided it was time to get "serious" about using it, and developing a practice. Thank you for putting out the DVD, and thank you for selling the rulers. You are putting a lot of "good" out into the world, by promoting this practice. Richard - Texas

Review 6. The actual ruler arrived in the post today. Yaye! It is BEAUTIFUL! The photos really don't do it justice. There is a natural softness and sweetness to the design. It feels fabulous to hold and the center naturally attracts the eye during practice. There is nothing hard or mechanical about it. It feels gently human and inviting both to look at and to hold. Linda 

Review 7. Great introduction to a simple but profound practice. I completely agree with the other reviewers. This is a wonderful practice that is easy to learn and gives a quick experience of feeling the chi. It also gives significant health and energy benefits if you do it regularly. I particularly like practicing with my husband for 10 minutes or so before we go to bed. It helps a lot to settle the brain after a day spent on computers and cell phones or traveling.


Hand crafted rulers made from Irish wood and lightly waxed. Choose from a variety of local woods such as Ash, Yew, Beech, Cherry, Spalted Beech, Pine, Yew and Sycamore.

Subject to availability   -    NB: Stand not included