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2023 Teacher Training

We are currently trialing our first teacher trainings entirely through Zoom (2021-22). It is working very well and we are now taking application for further ZOOM based teacher trainings.

These trainings are 1 on 1 in weekly 3 hour blocks over 30 weeks. 

The great advantage of ZOOM based training , of course, is that you can be based anywhere in the world and are freed of travel requirements.


Masterworks International believes that teaching is a very individual process, especially if that teaching comes from both the intellect and the heart, as it should. Individuality is encouraged within the structure of a balanced and standardised curriculum. Good teaching ensures good quality graduates who are well equiped to serve the general public in a safe and efficacious manner. 

Our new training track is, we believe, the best so far. Participants are limited to four to ensure that everyone receives the time and encouragement needed to become a successful teacher of Polarity.

A career as a Polarity teacher can be rich and rewarding. Some of our graduates have gone on to run full length professional trainings, others have elected to run short courses and workshops on particular aspects of Polarity or self help groups.  However you decide to share your knowledge, Polarity offers a rich source of life skills that can be shared to benefit and enrich the lives of others.

The teacher training is designed to encourage you to build on your inate teaching skills and to discover and enhance your unique teaching style.The training is built on three 5 day modules designed to build communication skills and understanding of individual learning styles whilst encouraging your passion for Polarity to unfold. The use of video recording is utilised to aid self reflection and growth.

Experience of at least 2 years as a practising Polarity Therapist is a requirement for this training

Your investment in a career in Polarity teaching is £4250 to include teaching materials.




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"I credit my attendance at Masterworks Teacher Training Class Series with Phil and Morag for giving me the tools and courage to begin teaching this wonderful work of Polarity Therapy. The classes were a full overview and re-visiting of all the aspects of Polarity Therapy.  In the process I was able to identify my strengths, as well as my growing edges that I needed to clarify in order to feel more confident to teach.  We also did some creative work to identify our teaching styles receiving feedback from our co-students. The classes were relaxed and empowering. I have since enjoyed many years of teaching and growing in the work."

Suellen Trumbour-Cheney - Polarity Wellness Sedona Educational Center US

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